Professional Dog Training

Feather Cresciman is a groundbreaking professional dog trainer with her own brand of hands-on applied animal psychology that has earned her a cult following among Hollywood's dog-crazy insiders.  Her technique uses each dog's own interests and abilities to guide it toward a funfilled and rewarding relationship with its owner. 

Feather's journey from veterinary school dropout to racetrack exercise rider to working dog (schutzhund) competitor have all informed her exciting breakthroughs in real-world dog training techniques. Feather's approach is not only scientifically sound but takes a humane, animal-focused approach to changing unwanted and even dangerous canine behaviors. Feather has been mentored such illustrious canine behaviorists as the Academy Award and Golden Collar Award-winning studio trainer Omar von Mueller (The Artist) and champion working dog trainer Joel Monroe. Her highly original distillation of animal behaviorism, working dog training techniques and intuitive grasp of dogs as distinct personalities that have been shaped by their own individual experiences allows Feather to get astounding results with the most hard-case canines.